Committee -0; Me -2

So today I finally did it. I ignored the committee in my head that has voiced 284 reasons why I should not be running.

I don’t have running shoes, short, headbands etc.

I will hurt my knees.

I  have never done it.

I don’t have the stamina.

I should lose weight first.

People might see me.

and the most important….

nothing is actually chasing me!

I was up at 6. My playlist was ready. I had downloaded the Couch to 5 K (C25K)App weeks ago. I quieted the excuse committee and set off down my street.

The C25K app was really useful. I could still rock out super hard and hear the instructions…. “warm up”, “get running” and “walk”. I did a 5 minute warm up and then walked/ran in 60/90 second intervals then warmed down for another 5.

Let me start by saying that I did have the earth goddess experience I had hoped for- peppered by moments of desperation and thoughts of WTH am I doing here?

The first leg of my 30 minute journey was eastbound and I could see the sun rise over the mountains. The last half of my journey faced home (west) and the Harvest moon was still full in a clear blue sky. It was kinda idyllic.

There were moments where I decided that I was done running and would walk the rest of the way. But I pushed on…. with the help of Rage Against the Machine, Jay Z and Paramore.

I know every day wont be glorious. But I am committed to seeing this thing out. To becoming a runner…. see where it takes me. To see what I can do when I push past where I think I can go.

I don’t know about a runner’s high- but I do feel pretty great. I was even inspired to do one more thing I have put off- start a blog.

Current Score:

Committee -0

Me -2